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by Allama Inayatullah Khan Al-Mashriqi


1. If in this limitless expanse of Nature amenities for the existence of LIFE coupled with INTELLIGENCE have so far become available only on this Earth, then millions upon millions of celetial bodies are lying dead or waste, and Nature is either incredibly wasteful and purposeless, or Man stands Alone in the whole Universe,--presumably for an intelligent purpose.

Existence of Intelligences Other than Man Possible.

2. That Intelligence cannot exist without a life of flesh and blood will mean that the whole Universe (with the exception of Earth) is without Intelligence, which makes Nature again incredibly wasteful and purposeless. On the contrary, the "intelligent building" ---as understood by many---of Nature by One Al-Pervading Agency, if accepted, itself points to the fact that Intelligence devoid of flesh and blood does exist in the Universe. From this we can safely drive that flesh and blood are not the necessary adjuncts or concomitants of Intelligent life, also that there may be (over and above All-Pervading Intelligence mentioned above) other forms, than man, of life and intelligent creations existing in the Universe independent of the flesh and blood of this Earth.

3. If there do exist other fleshless and bloodless intelligent creations, or even there exist other intelligent creations with physical organs different from Man, they cannot, in point of intelligence, be much superior to Man, as their contact with Man or exhibition otherwise has not yet taken place. A sure working hypothesis at present, therefore, is that Man stands virtually most conspicuous in the Universe,---presumably for a set purpose.


4. This set purpose of Man can only be the Capture and Conquest of the whole Universe, and this cannot be until he evolves into "higher" forms of creation independent of the flesh and blood of this Earth, or at least into forms adaptable to the circumstances of all Heavenly bodies.

In spite of the fact that Nature is now being proved to be almost limitless and not withstanding the assertion that the Conquest of Nature by Man seems a frivolous idea, the incontrovertible Fact stands out that if Man does not exist here for this purpose and has got no potentialities for its achievement, the whole creation is meaningless exhibition, the intelligence possessed by Man after an evolution of milliions of years from lower animals a purposeless acquisition and the power so far acquired by Man from Natural objects a pointless effort, leading to nowhere. Such a proposition, if accepted, will make the whole Universe a meaningless drama of inanities and absurdities. Conquest of the whole Universe must, therefore, be the only object of the existence of Man on Earth and shall have to be done against all odds.


5. There is not any indication yet in Man of this kind of evolution as there is not so far any perceptible urge in him as a species , resulting from his struggle for existence against Nature , to capture any other part of the Universe. In fact he has not so far captured perhaps even a hundredthed part of of the resources of Earth and is mainly engaged in struggle for existence against his own species, which occupation of his, by reserving the material resources of Earth for a particular group of people (and resulting in the destruction of others), will ease the present tension of his struggle and must diminish his potential evolution energies as a species further.

Possible Extinction of Human Species through Internal Self-Destruction.

6. Man is perhaps the only species in Nature endlessly at war with his own species and he is ding this unnatural self-destruction owing to the defective discretion he collectively possesses at present. Instead of waging a collective war against Nature as lower species have been incessantly doing, and, thereafter, evolving by natural process to higher species, he has chosen his own way of struggle, viz. that of securing domination of one nation over others, with the result that struggle for the possession of new lands and new resources outside Earth cannot materialize and his own species must in the course of time get stagnated, degenerated or even extinct through absence of wider struggle or sloth.

Man's Strange Prejudices.

7. Many causes (e. g. relegion, race, colour, nationhood, lust of conquest, capitalism, force of ideology, geography, history, etc,) have contributed towards this war between man and man, although Religion, perhaps, is still, inherently, a potent factor. Man, collectively, has so far not understood even the elementary truth that the so-called "Prophets", if they all "came from One God" as claimed, could not have brought different "messages" to one Human race, nor could they have come to put man against man. Other causes are even more frivolous from the biological or scientific point of view and this catastrophe of schism has happened to the race of Man, as Man---collectively as a species---is ridiculously deficient in understanding the intention of Nature and only very few individuals (perhaps not even one in a million) can see and think universally. Thus this collective stupidity of the Human race is resulting in resulting in its un-natural development towards decay and possible human extinction.

How can Urge for Possession of New Lands Materialize?

8. Struggle for existence as a species and urge for the possession of new lands outside Earth can only reach the climax if this Earth becomes Intensively over-populated day by day through peace and plenty resulting in the extreme dissemination of the human sperm, extreme appreciation and amelioration of human life, wholesale inter-co-operation among human beings, total pooling of heads and hands for the purpose of intensive utilisation of Earth's resources etc, etc. Overpowering of all other nations by one or more nations cannot produce this result.

Subjection of Man by Man in Smaller Spheres.

9. Over and above this, and leaving aside the international struggles, the perverse intelligence of Man has worked towards subjection of man by man in smaller spheres also and the so-called "democracy" of the European pattern has resulted either in Capitalism, which suppresses the poor majority of a nation ruthlessly by bringing the capitalist invariably at the top for the purpose of rule of man over man and for creating world-wars, or, more resently, in Communism which is again another form of intense capitalism with perhaps worse imperialistic aims and rank exploitation of labour by intensive regimentation. Thus not only that, as Lord Halifax of England said:, "even the best political party is a conspiracy against the nation", but that the rule of the poor majority has never been established in the real sense in any country, nor even of the exploited soldier who has the logical claim to it in that he literally lays down his life for the defense of the country. The politician with crooked aims and with the capitalist at his back invariably reigns supreme in these minor spheres also!

Inventions of Engines for Human Destruction.

10. This perverse thinking of Man under the stress of man-made prejudices, resulting in the invention of engines for human destruction, has led him (and even a school of thought among the modern scientists) to hold that human physical organs have already attained full development to higher or much different forms. This psychology of dismay is clearly due to narrow thinking caused by low human aims. A bar has thus been frivolously and arbitrarily placed at the present Man as the 'climax of creation' after an unrestricted, irresistible and systematic evolution of millions upon millions of years, which looks un-warranted and prima facie absurd.

The Theory of One Superhuman Nation.

The idea of domination of one small "supper-human" nation with an allegedly "most highly developed" brain but with human limbs and organs seems to be, thus, the present theory of Human evolution in the minds of those intoxicated with the march of scientific progress in the destructive sphere. This sort of "natural selection" is not only un-precedented in Nature but an unnatural hurdle in the free, regimented and concerted evolution of the Human species as a whole. It must result in the complete decay of that supper-human nation through absence of struggle for existence in the long run. Real development of brain and limbs can take place only in the extreme stress of struggle for existence, and not in the bliss of domination, peace and plenty of a small group of people.


11. Man's narrow international thinking has led him to suppose:- (1) that no field of his activity extends, as a matter of necessity, beyond this Earth, (2) that the resources of Earth are primarily and entirely meant to make one nation dominate others and destroy the weak, notmeant to propagate the human species intensively over every nook and corner of Earth for a higher purpose, (3) that "struggle for existence" is synonymous with Man's international struggles, beyond which he is incapable of thinking, (4) that his solitary activity lies in the exploitation of lifeless matter of Earth for the purpose of making man strong against man, (5) that his investigations, by impiric methods, about human and other life are meant for preservation or amelioration of that life for the benefit of a particular group of human beings,--the tackling of the greatProblem of Life for the purpose of solving its mystery with the object of becoming competent to create it, being a matter of mere academic interest, but not of vital importance for the ultimate elevation or evolution of Man to higher forms, (6) that life on Earth exists mainly for the purpose of consumption by Man as food, or for destruction as a defense measure, (7) that Man's struggle for existence as a species against the whole of Nature for the purpose of capturing it is a far-fetched idea incapable of serious thought owing to extreme human limitations. Man has refused to think so far that the resources of this Earth are meant for the utilization of all Mankind equally for a higher purpose than the mere loot that he is taking them to be.

Universe not a Product of Confusion and Chance.

12. The above positions cannot hold water as, (1) there is no reason why struggle for existence as a species against the whole of Nature should cease in the case of Man alone when it has gone on for billions of years in the case of lower animals, (even though the struggle in their case was extremely limited in manner, extent and quality), (2) they necessitate the presumption that the rest of the Universe is purposeless, that Man has no potentialities further than that he is the product of Nature by mere chance, that the Universe is devoid even of that Supreme Intelligence which brought about intelligent Man on Earth under a design, (3) Man's struggle against his own species is un-natural, (4) these propositions make Man the master of his own destiny in disregard of Natural Laws, (5) they make Nature even a product of sheer confusion which is normally revolting to human intelligence, (6) it is improbable that Man, with such small powers as he possesses at present as compared with Nature, can be the master of his own destiny.

Capitalism & Communism Both Exploiting Man, also the Scientist.

13. World-wars are gradually bringing Man round to the idea of one world-Government, although the vicious intention of man against man is perhaps still there in the brains of the politicians who uphold it. On the other hand Capitalistic Democracy on one side and Aggressive Communism on the other are veining with each other to capture the imagination of Man and the basic idea of both seems to be to appropriate to the full all resources of Earth for one particular group and destroy or enslave the weak and 'inferior' "surplus" population of Earth. Power is borrowed on both sides from the scientist who is slavishly engaged in producing instruments of human destruction with almost a religious belief in his mind that he is doing the right thing. He works in his laboratory, under the subtle spell of the clever propaganda of his masters, as a tame slave of the politician who snatches his inventions from him as a 'matter of right' for the pittance he bestows on him for his living. And the scientist, not only now but from ages, has been going on as a dumb and mute "mock-potentate" whose status is actually not much above that of a labourer! Thus Capitalism in both forms, under the guise of so-called "democracy" is the arch-curse which prevents Human race from becoming a fraternised regiment (even on as elementary lines as the lower animals) for the purpose of waging a collective war against Nature with the noble and enlivening idea of capturing the whole Universe.


14. A deep reflection on FACTS will reveal hitherto unnoticed Virgin Truth that capital has inherently no value unless the invention of the Scientist is here to be put into use by the Capital. Another deep thought brings us to equally startling conclusion that "labourer" comes to a complete standstill if the Scientist withholds his invention and refuses to teach the labourer how to produce it. Brain is, thus, in practice the only thing which moves Men and Money. The Scientist has realised little during ages that the world moves only on account of him, that all progress on Earth (in every conceivable form) is due to his brain alone, that ages of slavery has brought him down to position of a vassal, and that dunces and duffers of "politicians" are ruling the Earth with their ignorance and lust, realising little that the development of Mankind is taking place away from the real biological purpose of Nature.


On the sole account of the supreme knowledge that he possesses of Nature it is incumbent on the Scientist to lead Mankind to that PURPOSE for which it was created and not leave the Human race to the mercy of the capitalists and the 'merry-makers.' The very idea that the Destiny of Man be the hands of these who are completely ignorant of the 'WILL' and 'PURPOSE' of Nature is revolting and is a glaring instance of the collectively perverse intelligence of man.

Science, the Source of All Truth

15. Scientist alone possesses intelligence literally superior to all the rest of the Mankind and his verdicts,--even his theories--, on Nature in all branches of Knowledge have been incontrovertibly accepted by Man as TRUTHS. He alone has brought power, Prosperity and Beauty on Earth. Without him world would be dark! His KNOWLEDGE (of the Eye, the Ear and the Brain) alone is TRUTH, par excellence, He alone is lifting curtains after curtains to show what exalted Beauty and Truth lie behind the Great Mystery of Nature. He alone, therefore, is the proper person to LEAD, nay, Rule, Administer and Maneuvre Mankind to its ultimate Destiny. The brute politician, who has from immemorial ages torn Mankind to pieces on the score of religion, race, colour, etc., etc., is the last person to be entrusted with the Holy task of the Evolution of Man!

Scientist Alone can Level up All Differences of Man

16. The Scientist looks at Mankind from the point of view of nature alone. religion or race, caste or colour, geographical barriers or historical traditions do not appeal to him. He does not belong to any 'sect' of man or 'religion' and is not swayed away by 'beliefs' stunts or ideologies. His Revelation is from the BOOK OF NATURE itself, --which is the ONLY TRUTH existing,--after all. His inventions are entirely for the benefit of the whole Mankind and he does not grudge their becoming public property. he alone can come forward with valid reasons as to in what channels the collective activities of Mankind should lie, what his natural line of action should be as a whole, apart from what line of action the "politician" of the world put the world to through the lust of their own passions and ignorance of the ultimate purpose of Nature. Lower animals have evolved themselves to to higher forms by natural urge, natural selection and strict following of the process of nature, but Man has none of those before him through his being the unfortunate possessor "discretion" and "intelligence." He choses to chalk out his own way,-- right or wrong--, so far rather sadly wrong. It is essential, therefore, that the Scientist who is the solitary possessor of the true knowledge of Nature should mark the way for him in accordance with the requirements of Nature.

Rule of Scientist will make Mankind a Dynamic Fraternity

The Scientist, if he comes to lead mankind politically, is sure to level up all barriers of race, religion, caste, colour, etc., etc., equalise the distribution of wealth all over the world, equalise as far as possible, the status of the rich and the poor and, thereafter, mould human mind to one comity of nations and one fraternity. He is sure to look straight at all struggles created by capital or labour and give them their proper weight and importance in the light of world problems. With him all perverse differences between the rich and the poor should disappear, exploitation of man by man should vanish and human politics should be seen and disposed off from the view-point of the stern dispensation of Nature. Capital and labour both being SUBSERVIENT to the intelligence, the importance and the power of thinking he possesses, he alone has the Locus Standi to stand aloft over all other human beings as their MASTER, DISPOSER and LEADER on this earth. All Scientists, being the possessors of ONE Truth all the world over, must necessarily hold out the ONE "Truth of Politics", based on the dire exigencies of Nature alone--i. e., that polity which would make the whole Human race run on natural lines with the sole object of evolving mankind to higher forms of creation.


17. All vicious influences of Capital can be terminated by one stroke --viz. the entire and effective separation of the poor majority all over the world from the rich minority by creating separate constituencies of equal size in every country. This will bring democracy down at once from the satanic level of to-day to the real, scientific, local and human level i. e., the actual rule of those who are the largest number. Capital will then have its proper position in the world,--viz. five percent of sluggards against ninety-five percent of those who think, know and invent, or shed sweat, blood and tears. having been relieved of the evil influences of money, this community of majority in all parts of the world will naturally gather round the Scientist who is the source of all prosperity, peace and power in this world and naturally belongs to the poor community. A little maneuvring will bring him at the head of Man's affairs everywhere. A World-Government will then become within the range of possibility, leading the whole Mankind to one purpose,--viz. the purpose of nature itself.

World Polity under the Rule of the Scientist

18. This REVOLUTION, before it materialises, will no doubt cause terrible stir throughout the world at the hands of the capitalist and the politician, but it is the stern responsibility to be faced by Scientist at all costs. The sentimental objection of the Scientist that he is no a "politician" fails to carry weight, as after the assumption of power by him the world-polities are bound to change fundamentally to a polity which will necessarily be scientific , dynamic and constructive. Its main features will be : (1) divesting Man of the idea of "Prophet-ridden" religions and the ingraining in him of the ONE RELIGION OF NATURE that accords with the real spirit of every existing religion of the world and would be scientifically acceptable to all, (2) divesting Man of other man-made prejudices e. g. of race, colour etc,, (3) widening of the vision of Man towards Nature for the purpose of total utilisation of Earth's resources and pooling of all hands and brains for this purpose, (4) creating means for intensive over-populationising of Earth in order that the struggle for existence may reach its climax, (5) direct dealing with the problem of LIFE in order that Man may be able to create it for the purpose of gaining insight into the Mystery of Nature, also with a view to raise his level of intelligence and evolve himself to higher forms of creation, (6) take stock of the extremely limited and defective knowledge he possesses at present of Nature and devise means of gaining Knowledge of the Eye and the Ear with newer fundaments of investigation and newer units of measurement of natural objects than those which have produced only the revolving machines, the telephone, the telescope, the radio, the mathematical equations and formulae, the hydrogen bomb etc., etc., but not that Omniscience and Omnipresence which are necessary to make him pervade the whole Universe, (7) devise means to make human struggle for existence resemble as closely as possible that colossal struggle which would make the whole Human Special change its physical organs into those more fitted for conquest of land beyond the Earth, i.e. make human body more fit for habitation in celetial bodies.

Until the whole Human Species is made to prepare itself for such an Earth-wide struggle there is little possibility of an urge exhibiting itself on such an intensive scale as would make human brain and his physical organs evolve into higher forms.


19. This galaxy of world-rulers, after settling down this Earth to a regimented habitation of "would be supermen" waging a most relentless and dreadful war against Nature and armed with the most dreadful material as well as mental weapons, should turn first of all to the following fundamental problems concerning the Knowledge of Man:-

Man-made Geometry not the Geometry of Nature.

(a) In the first place it may be taken as an axiomatic truth that although the knowledge of man, in whatever form it exists, is the result of his direct observation of Nature, his calculations and measurements, his "formulae" and "equations", his "mathematics" and "geometry", in fact in whatever manner he deals with or interpolates with lifeless matter for the purpose of utilising it, are the product of his own conventions and conveniences. nature has nothing to do with or learn from these products of his intelligence, nor it is that the Design of Nature has been built on these instruments of information. On the other hand it is obvious that Nature must possess "geometry" and "mathematics" of its own, also 'formulae" and "equations" of its own for the purpose of perfecting its own design. Nature's Units of Measurement and Methods of Calculations must thus be radically different from these man-made devices, besides being much more comprehensive, more accurate and more applicable to the "nature of matter." If Man has made anything from natural objects it must have been that Nature calculated that before hand and not that it was mere chance.

Man Extremely Deficient in His Knowledge of Life

Again, Man has not been materially successful so far in the matter of his Knowledge of Life, nor has he so far been able even to reduce his observations on life to 'formulae' and 'equations'. On the other hand, Life is known to have developed from mere motion to progressive consciousness, progressive will and progressive intelligence and Man has not been able even to account for these or measure them just as he accounts for or measure length, weight, density, temperature, velocity and other qualities or incidences of lifeless matter. He has not been even able to "mix" different types of life (by grafting or otherwise) to produce something else, just as he mixes hydrogen and oxygen to produce water. He has not even tackled the problem: what "density" or "intensity" of life produces a particular kind of intelligence and how 'much' intelligence will be required to produce, for instance, Omniscience or Omnipotence. Thus there are practically no units of measurements and calculation invented by Man in the case of living matter. On the other hand Nature must possess these units and infinitely more than that for the purpose of carrying on its own design to perfection.

Life : A Continuation of Dead Matter

Again, it must have been that lifeless matter at some stage of its internal "evolution" or owing to the incidence of suitable "external circumstances" to it sprang into initial life on earth, but Man has been unable so far to subject this phenomena to his rules of mathematics or units of measurement, nor has been able to discover so far the process that can lead lifeless matter to life.

Unnatural Units of Human Measurements.

(b) A most fundamental and far-reaching defect in man-made geometry and mathematics is that they are based on ideal or mechanical conditions which do not exist in Nature. This has made all our knowledge about matter ideal and mechanical, and the ruts on which it has been going on for the past thousands of years make it incapable of giving man a better insight into the real working of Nature until the whole outlook of observations of nature is basically changed. The following observations will make this point clear:-

Mechanics : Unnatural Creation of Man!

(1) We started Geometry (i.e. the measure of Earth) on the basis of point, straight line and circle, all three of which do not actually exist in Nature. No structure of Nature is geometrical in shape, nor is built by Nature on these fundaments. These fundaments were ideals of human (rather Greek) mind because the Greeks were intensively idealistic in the conception of their gods. This unnatural basis of the "knowledge of surface"--or, shall one say superficial knowledge!--has brought us (through statics and dynamics) to machines revolving on points, moving in circles or straight lines, altogether unlike anything in Nature and giving impression of false creatorship! All mechanics is, thus, from Nature's point of view an artificial instrument which helps Man to move only with his present physical organs. This type of mechanics can only take Man to places where his limbs can go, not further. Electricity, light and radiations have helped ma mechanics in making Man hear, see even feel and discover from long distances, but they are incapable of transporting the present physical organs of Man to astronomical distances. A much more powerful agent, it looks, than electricity even and a transporting one, is required to take possession of heavenly bodies, if the present type of mechanics is to continue un-condemned. On the other hand, a natural limit is already there on matter moving with large velocities. Man is thus making these machines for motion in a very limited sphere of action but the conquest of Nature seems hopeless with what he has created so far.

It looks as if the demand of lands Man has to conquer outside Earth are, that over and above possessing means of transport carrying him billions, even trillions, of miles in a second, he should himself evolve into a mere "spirit" devoid of flesh and blood through soul-tracking efforts to possess supreme knowledge leading to more natural machines than the present ones, and then move on to more intensive struggle against Nature on the lines of climbs on Mount Everest etc. in which so many lost their lives and limbs.

terminology of Nature's Arithmetic Different from Man-made Equations.

(2) Arithmetic we started with man-made figures and then went on to the signs of Algebra and algebraic equations. It seems indeed frivolous to suppose that natural laws were made in accordance with these equations and that the All-Pervading Intelligence that created the Universe had slate and pencil in its hands when solving its sums. the Theory of Relativity has already indicated that these man-made equations must get amended further as Knowledge increases, and where is the incontrovertible proof yet of the truth of Einstein's Theory. Our units of Measurement by the yard-stick or by the wag of the pendulum have already been proved fallacious and un-real. There is a clear indication in the rigid mathematical formulae that we have to come with regard to the laws of Nature that we either out-witted Nature by their discovery, or Nature is glee-fully thankful to Man that he has discovered them. Such a supposition falsifies itself and the only conclusion we can arrive at is that man has so far failed to discover the laws of Nature in the language and terminology of nature itself, also that he is hopelessly ignorant of the Natural Units of Measurement etc.

Man's Chemistry Only a Manipulation of Dead Matter.

(3) Our Chemistry is mainly the chemistry of lifeless matter. It has brought about some nice and useful combinations or synthetic marvels, but it has left the Problem of Life un-solved. A scientist is as shamefully baffled as ever when he witnesses in complete suspense an egg burst of itself into a chicken without being able to account for the smallest process that has happened in the body of it, or when a tiny seed springs into a tree without accounting for the process or even the nature of the urge that made it. Why life has an automatic urge has been a bewildering problem throughout and yet it is certain that life must have sprung up initially from lifeless matter. This 'missing link' when found out and accounted for , would perhaps be the FIRST DAWN of real Knowledge, where man-made geometry, mathematics and chemistry would become playthings of the past and Man would then understand nature in the language and units of nature. It is astounding that man who is himself the climax of all urge of life cannot account for or even perceive the urge that makes the hair of his own body grow, his own wounds heal, his own food get digested in the stomach, his own ears hear, his own eyes see, his own brain think and so on. If these qualities have sprung from lifeless matter by some "stroke of magic", that magic, surely, cannot be learned from the chemical formulae that we have discovered and nicely catalogued but by acquainting ourselves more and more with the action of that "LIGHT" which lits up a dead candle and then makes the later burn by that touch! That light will only be found out after terrible probings of the Mind and the Brain into the working of Nature and after a NEW line of research is made out by constant reflection into the mystery of Life. The Problem of Life is, in fact, the problem of knowing that "Mystery of Nature" which makes egg the unit of the coming chicken, sperm the unit of the coming child or seed the unit of the coming tree.

Human Organic Changes due to change of Environment.

(c) Another but a very different type of indication about the potentialities of human life has been available to Man more recently in high researches of Natural regions of Earth both on and above it. In the polar areas of Earth as well as in higher atmospheric region of Mount Everest and elsewhere, Man has come to some suggestive conclusions with regard to the suitability of his present organs for those climates. For instance it has been felt that only persons of a particular constituation and type of health can withstand the climates of those regions, that only those organs of human body suffer from the effects of climate without which Man can survive (e.g. hands, feet, fingers, toes, etc.), that vital manual organs like the head, the eye, the ear, the heart, the liver, etc. are the least affected, that sexual appetite (presumably another unnecessary adjunct of Man) vanishes at very early stages of these climbs, (only 4 miles above Earth), that food required to sustain the body becomes much simpler and smaller in quantity, that queer changes take place in personal ideas and tastes of climbers to a remarkable extent etc., etc. These happenings, if permanently substained, point to the fact that substantial organic changes are indicated by Nature in the body of man before he considers himself competent enough to make a conquest of lands beyond the Earth.


20. It is problems like these which shall have to come before man during the rule of the Scientist over Earth, when the whole of Mankind through dire necessity, shall have become exclusively engaged in the Problem of the Conquest of Nature, and when instruments for the acquisition of the Knowledge of nature shall have to be changed at every stage of the development of it to be better ones through the necessities of the struggle for existence. It may be that the collective effort of Man towards probing into higher regions of Nature bring him to the conclusion that the present physical organs of Man are a redundance and "hurdle" in his way, that intelligence, if it is to pervade and capture the whole Universe, must be devoid of most of the present limbs--like hands and feet, which were originally meant by Nature to work in most limited spheres, or legs which have no purpose left now, or sexual organs which Man inherited from lower animals for the purpose of dissemination in limited areas and at leisure, or even the aesthetic nose, tongue or heart which were meant for satisfaction of baser desires of Man and so on. Only a higher collective aim of the capture of the whole Universe, if making the whole Human race pulsate with new life and energy through the world-wide rule of the Scientist, can bring about these organic changes on a general scale and it is only a universal human urge for evolution which can divest Man of baser incentives and desires of to-day. Psychological preparation of mankind for this colossal task will itself constitute an effort of a very high order.

Omniscience and Omnipresence essential qualities for Conquest of Universe.

21. For an intelligence to be competent enough to capture the whole Universe it is imperative that it should be Omniscient and Omnipresent, in fact the very structure of the Universe in general points out that these qualities cannot be attained by a life of flesh and blood. If intelligence exist in other parts of the Universe they must possess organs consistent with the living circumstances of only that heavenly body in which they exist, but for an intelligence capable of existing everywhere, "the Least Common Multiple" of the living circumstances of all Heavenly bodies is required and this can only be when that intelligence takes the shape of a "spirit"--impervious to all climates and circumstances--but is all-knowing, all-pervading and all-embracing. The aim of the future scientist "supper-man" will, therefore, be to attain to that goal of perfection by "species-wide" exertions of brain and limbs resulting in extreme changes in his present physical organs.

An example from Human History may perhaps clear this point a little. Man began to move to America 150 years after the discovery of that land by Columbus in 1646, i.e. a little over 300 years back. Only those left their places who were struck hardest by the struggle for existence. Americans, now, after a lapse of 300 years have developed certain distinctive qualities of head, heart and perhaps body over their comrades in Europe, which are quite apparent. In another 300 hundred years these qualities will become definitely more marked.

Start of Migration to Heavenly Bodies!

22. Migration from this planet will start only when the struggle reaches its climax. A group of those struck hardest by that struggle will then begin to move to higher spheres by man-made machines or other defective paraphernallia. Thousands, perhaps millions, will then lose their lives in this attempt, but the urge itself will produce in this race of would-be supermen qualities quite distinct from the inhabitants of the lower earth. Time must then come when this "race of renegades" captures a celetial sphere somehow and settles there against all odds. Only imagination can say what tremendous changes will have taken place in the organism of Man by then, but the evolution would have started in right earnest. Collective knowledge of the whole Human Race alone would have brought about this effort of fructation. Knowledge--not perhaps so much of man-made geometry and physics--but of the Geometry of Physics of Nature alone would have paved the way for such a terrible migration. It will in fact be the DAWN OF DIVINE KNOWLEDGE.

23. The Question arises: Will this little Earth be the sole feeder for building up a race of "Universe-Conquerors", or will "intelligence" in other quarters also join this wonderful and staggering race. We may be getting here into the domain of conjecture but probability points to the fact that Intelligences, even though all not much superior to Man in point of intellect yet living in Heavenly bodies and organically developed, must meet Man in this wonderful wilderness. In spite of all this Man shall have to start with supposition that He stands Alone to accomplish this seemingly impossible but DIVINE TASK.


24. Sex shall have to vanish at a very early stage of the evolution of Man. When the whole of Earth becomes "Natural-minded" through the stern and un-relenting efforts of the Scientist it is most likely that psychologically it will be considered first of all an un-dignified inheritance from the lower animals--even now it is considered so by many autere thinkers. Biologically it has been only a temporary inheritance. By radical changes in physical organs Man shall have to chose a much neater, much quicker, all-pervading and overwhelming way of self-production, perhaps akin to that of the original animal when started, i,e., by constant and interminable fission in order to become as overwhelming and as near to the "Divine" way of existence as possible. It is possible that this may become a "spirit" which throws its 'perfumes' and pervades everywhere. He may after this terrible conversion tend to become, in fact, a portion of the Divine Intelligence from which he originally sprang up and which pervades everywhere like a perfume.


25. A general view of the above observations about k Knowledge and Evolution brings one down to the following facts:-

Knowledge of Dead Matter can give Man only Smaller power.

1. The present Knowledge of Man of lifeless matter, resulting in machines and engines cannot transport man to astronomical distances for the purpose of Conquest of the Universe.

Knowledge of Life Must give Man extraordinary Powers.

2. Knowledge being inextricably connected with creative power, much higher, more natural and more efficient creative power than resulting in the invention of present machines is necessary to make Man possessor of that intensive knowledge which, can be a prelude to the Conquest of Nature. This would necessitate, in the first place knowledge of the Natural Units of calculation and measurement, also knowledge of the Mystery of Life. Mystery of Life cannot be solved by the simple mechanics of the microscope or by chemical experiments on protoplasm. Life is phenomenon not only of movement, but of movement with a "will" and a "plan" and so is all growth and development. To make life the subject of investigation cannot, therefore, be the task of mechanical instruments alone. To understand the "will" that produced the urge of life, that UNIT OF ELEMENTARY LIFE shall have to be completely understood in its working which produced the first motion from dead matter and thereafter scanning will have to be done as to how many Units there are in a particular case of life. This cannot be the work of the scientist who deals with dead matter but of the brain who has been successful in creating life. Man so far has avoided the subject of study of life, as life (unlike the lifeless matter) refuses to subject itself to his geometry and mathematics. He must, therefore, stray a new line of thought.

Knowledge of Life will Open up New Channel of Thought

3. Investigations into the Mystery of Life alone can chalk out new channel of Knowledge for Man, which must be more "NATURAL," more informative, also more powerful and more evolutional for the Conquest of Nature than the present ma mechanical knowledge. Such a course will take Man to the "realm of the spirit", away from the present mechanical"formulae" and "equations" and must, in the course of time, open up new ways of obtaining transporting power of an astronomical order from the LIVING Nature. Circumstances obtaining in the celestial bodies being such as to prelude the possibility of making a conquest of them with his present physical organs, Man shall have to go deeper into the Problem of Life to discover how such a life can transport itself to astronomical distances in the twinkling of an eye. If knowledge of dead matter has given Man such powerful transporting machines as run hundreds of miles an hour against his legs, there is no reason why Knowledge of Life should not equip him with incredibly more powerful instruments of transport for the purpose of the Conquest of Nature.

Evolution of Man to Omniscient and Omnipresent Forms.

4. Knowledge of Life alone can show Man the way to evolve himself to higher "spiritual" forms of life akin to that of the Supreme Intelligence that pervades the Universe. Man unacquainted with the Mystery of Life and unable to create it cannot hope to claim any power of substantial and extraordinary nature in this Universe. The Conquest of Nature presumes that Man should become OMNIPRESENT, and this in turn necessitates that he should possess the attribute of OMNISCIENCE, par excellence. Ignorance about Life would create a lacuna in human brain unworthy of his lofty position. Nature itself would refuse to be conquered by an agency having this shameful desideratum.


26. Omniscience and Omnipresence having become more or less the attributes of the evolving Man after a time, it is evident that at that stage of development Man shall have reached the highest pinnacle of his progress by dint of his exclusive colossal efforts as a species. he would have left this Earth by that time, many many long centuries back, to accommodate himself permanently in the celetial bodies and his progeny would have captured and possessed perhaps every nook and corner of the Universe through intensive multiplicity and overwhelming dissemination. The race of "sluggards" on Earth who had not kept pace with him in his march upwards, many centuries back, would still be lingering on it as ordinary men doing their lowly duties, but entirely cut off---as a fish from horse---from the new race of Universe-Conquerors above.


It is concievible,--nay, NATURAL and INEVITABLE-- that at this stage of the development of this "Man", the SUPREME DIVINE INTELLIGENCE that originally created this Universe in millions and trillions of years with a PURPOSE and finally ended with HUMAN EYE, HUMAN EAR and HUMAN BRAIN with a set AIM, creating them out of PORTION OF HIMSELF and "AFTER HIS OWN IMAGE," throws open with a terrific Universe-wide Quake the ETERNAL CURTAIN and bursts into a UNIVERSE-WIDE HANDSHAKE with MAN, greating HIM with the words WELL DONE!--the TWO SPIRITS then UNITE INTO ONE with a terrific CRASH in which the whole Universe disappears into complete nothingness--the Divine Trumpeter announcing that the PURPOSE OF CREATION HAD COME TO A SUCCESSFUL END and THE GREAT EXPERIMENT NOBLY FULFILLED!--THE TWO PORTIONS OF ONE SOUL THAT HAD SEPARATED NUMBERLESS MILLIONS OF YEARS BACK HAD AT LAST UNITED TO BECOME ONE TILL EVERLASTING ETERNITY!

27. If above is not the true and logical picture of what MUST happen SOME DAY, this world is a mockery of the joking DEVIL, an exhibition of the INSANE and a replica of the ABSURD. If this wonderful drama of the Universe is not going to END in this CEREMONY, this world is a TRAVESTY OF FACTS and a PARODY of TRUTH, POWER and INFINITY!


28. But apart from the question of the Conquest of the whole Universe, which may make many shrug their shoulders at this stage of Human progress and which may take many hundreds of thousand, if not millions of years from now, there is the question of the more immediate evolution of Man to higher forms which is readily intelligible even at this stage stage of Human progress. This smaller evolution can also take place only under the stress of Earth-wide struggle against Nature as a regimented species and decidedly not in the present hell of international struggles that are going on and which must end in the ultimate extinction of the Human Race. The Scientist alone with his truth can prepare the Human Race for such a purpose. The politician who has hitherto run the world is a round thing which cannot possibly fit this square hole now. If the Scientist of to-day has not the moral courage to effect this change on point of sword and fire, he alone must be held responsible for this crime of gravest order. His present Knowledge must then be dubbed as the greatest FALSEHOOD in Nature, as TRUTH cannot result in the appalling crime of the FAILURE OF MAN and EXTINCTION OF THE HUMAN RACE, which is the inevitable result of the course Man has chosen for himself. Human Race has NOW EXACTLY reached a stage when this revolution must happen. There is no occasion for waiting as lingerers have always suggested this so many times and lost the opportunity invariably.

THE AIM OF THE ULTIMATE UNION OF THE SUPREME INTELLIGENCE WITH MAN is the only scientific and true purpose written large on the Face of Nature itself and must give endless energy and pick-up to Man in his future efforts. The AIM itself is bound to evolve in to REALITY by the mere dynamism of it. It is bound to be packed up by every nook and corner of nature once it is put into action. It is the essence of all Human progress, the climax of all Human emotions, the verdict of the Greatest Seers, and the last Watchword of the Purposeful Universe!


The Modern Scientist has no way left for him except to look at nature from his point of view. Nature has vindicated completely its existence now before him and stands chaste, infinite and PURPOSEFUL! It is for the Scientist now to bring Mankind forcibly round to that PURPOSE and fulfill it at all costs. Nothing should deter him from upholding TRUTH. All Falsehoods must disappear before the torch of light he holds aloft. It is the courage of his convictions, his unassaible character and his capacity to efface falsehood with One Voice that will bring Man successfully to his Ultimate destiny. Once the determination of the Scientist to rule the world is unanimously announced the whole world will be with him! There is bound to be a TERRIBLE STIR throughout the world FOR A TIME, even APPALING CRIMES, again, OF THE BLACK AGE, but NATURE is bound to smash ALL UNTRUTH in the end!

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