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This homepage of mine will mostly be dedicated to a great mathematician, theorist, religious scholar, and the founder of the 'Khaksar Movement', Allama Inayat-ullah Khan Al-Mashriqi. The man who was pushed behind the curtains due to the prejudice of his own people; the prejudice created out of fear, ignorance, and short-sightedness. The one who is buried so deep that we may never get a chance to dig out whatever he said, and hence lose for ever a treasure which was put forth by him to uplift mankind. With this fear, I am including some of his writing samples, both in Urdu and English, and may be some of his Arabic ones too, with a hope that may be some day some fervent person will lift those ugly curtains from the face of the history behind which the cherished beauty is sitting unrevealed.

This homepage would just be a bird's eye view to Mashriqi's thoughts, and any further study would require getting hold of his books, which unfortunately are not widely available either.

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