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Syed Shabbir Hussain is a veteran journalist having spent over four decades in the profession, shuttling between The Pakistan Times and the Civil & Military gazette, with occasional assignments with foreign newspapers and news agencies. Currently, he is associated with The Pakistan Times as its Political Correspondent. He has also spent almost a decade as a Chief Editor of Islamabad's monthly magazine, The Concept, devoted to the generation of thought process. He is a prolific writer and has to his credit almost a dozen books most prominent being Lengthening Shadows, The Death Dance, Sikhs at Crossroads, Afghanistan under Soviet Occupation, Afghanistan - whose war, History of Pakistan Air Force and ALMASHRIQI : The Disowned Genius. He has also edited and produced books on various aspects of Allama Mashriqi's conceptual framework - Man's Destiny (1972), God, Man and Universe (1980) and Quran and Evolution (1987).

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