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Priviliged Knowers of Nature, Greetings !

"As a student of the Unfathomed and Infinite Universe (put before, or rather, inflicted on Man for observation), I address you in the expectation that you, as one of the many thousand Knowers of Nature addressed by me all the world over, will give a lead in the solution of fundamental Human problem now perplexing all. This perplexity has arisen more now, as Human Mind, after the development of the past few centuries, insists to kow the PURPOSE OF CREATION, which Man so far has not cared to discuss or discover through stolid and innocent indifference. Mind wished to come to solid conclusions in this respect in order that the progress of the Knowledge of Nature be made with a definite aim which would scientifically satisfy and would prove an incentive to Man for work.

It is time that Knowers of Nature come to tentative but firm conclusions in this respect in order that a new impetus be given to the march of Knowledge, which is definitely imperfect at present. Your reply will help to create an unparalleled situation in the history of Human progress and is likely to result in a World Conference of Scientists in the near future at a suitable place in Europe or America so that this Conference may announce and work for a World-ideology leading Man firmly to his Ultimate Destiny.

I have strong indications that this Conference may take an early shape in case you also agree that such a course is called for. My expositions are put "over-leaf". I expect your reply early.

I shall gladly supply copies of this letter, if required."